In the very heart of Amsterdam, executive chef Hiromichi Hosokawa has been welcoming to his restaurant guests from all over the world, for over 25 years. Hosokawa, which translates to “Narrow River”, will bring you to ancient Japan with its traditional Teppan grill, Modern Japanese Cuisine and Sushi style of cooking, but surrounded in a cosmopolitan Amsterdam with its modern and sophisticated ambience.

Welcome, and be prepared to be delighted.


After 20 years working as Master Chef in Okura Hotel, one of Europe’s most famous Japanese restaurants, Hiromichi Hosokawa decided to open his own restaurant in the center of Amsterdam. It was 1992.

Now after celebrating 25 years of the restaurant, Hiromichi Hosokawa can only be considered a master of his craft. In his restaurant, he puts together experience, passion and technique to bring to your table the most succulent dishes, all cut, prepared and served to perfection.


Chef Hosokawa works with the highest quality of ingredients to create the greatest dishes, but he also strives to work only with the best. Together with his son sous-chef Makoto they select their brigade based on experience and passion for the Japanese cuisine. Every chef starts at the bottom and work his way up to excel in the Japanese cuisine.


To accommodate the Japanese way of hospitality – omotenashi (Omotenashi is a rich, beautiful aspect of Japanese culture. Omotenashi is all about grace and courtesy towards others, the literal translation is to entertain guests wholeheartedly) we strive to provide the highest quality of service. Our international service team that is being led by Tim and Thuy, who both have years of experience in the hospitality will make sure that your experience in our restaurant will be catered towards your wishes.