The refreshing scent of fresh fruits and spices filling up the air is what makes our bar truly special. Inspired by both: nature and Japanese culture we make our own naturally infused alcohols, using fresh ingredients as a pure essence for our cocktails. Yuzu, shiso leaves, cherry flowers and many other ingredients brought specially to take you in a fascinating journey to the beautiful Japanese gardens.


Years of experience led our Manager (Tim) to this point: to the innovative idea of creating a natural and refreshing menu of cocktails based on pure ingredients derived directly from the nature. Using innovative techniques, selecting only the best quality elements, inspired by the Japanese culture, Tim was able to make a selection of outstanding cocktails not found anywhere else.

Be ready for that unique experience!


In the heart of metropolitan Amsterdam with its chic décor, is our bar & lounge a stylish and elegant bar, a serene haven to retreat in the center of nightlife Amsterdam, where you can enjoy our wide range of exclusive sake’s or savor the signature cocktails.

Not eating at the restaurant? Don’t worry, you are more than welcome to stop by. You can indulge in our cocktails relaxing at the bar, terrace or our cozy lounge.


For the adventurous minds, playful entities, the ones driven by the unstoppable curiosity we have something absolutely special: the cocktail workshops.

You can invite your friends, make it a part of your bachelor party or a birthday present. Working with our experienced bartenders you will not only create some amazing cocktails yourself but also spend unforgettable moments with your friends.

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