charming beauty of cherry blossom by Hosokawa


1-14 April

It’s time to indulge in one of the nation’s all-time favourite tradition: Hanami (花見, “flower viewing”) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient elusive beauty of flowers (in this case: cherry blossom).

Gathered together, people enjoy their companionship under the cherry blossom tree admiring the amazing charm spread by nature together with delicious food, drinks and songs.

The Cherry Blossoms are not just pretty pink flowers: they have a deeply symbolic meaning; appreciation of beauty, fleeting moment of nature and life, nation’s cultural heritage and symbol of new beginnings with April 1 being the first day of both the financial and academic year in Japan.

Inspired by the tradition to appreciate beauty, life, culture and nature our restaurant prepared delightful specials for you.

We hope to enjoy the beauty of Sakura together with you!